Month: March 2008

Always have up to date documentation, part #1

As I mentioned in my second post, ZCE prep – and dumb tests – about open book tests (like Brainbench), having a copy of all the relevant documentation can be incredibly useful, if only from a speed issue. Knowing you

ZCE prep – practice test #1

Well, I’ve just completed the PHP Arch ‘Vulcan’ practice test – the first of up to five such practice tests I’ve purchased. I have quite deliberately not gone through what study materials I have on hand before I took this

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A useful idea for helping to enforce PHP code standards

Extending PHP_CodeSniffer by Raphael Stolt shows how to quite easily add to a tool that will report what parts of your PHP source needs a clean-up, from the built in ‘sniffs’ for coding standards, and now adding to that for

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ZCE prep – and dumb tests

This week I’m going to take the first of my’s ZCE prep test – then I’ll read the book and see they they expect me to know. Going for the Zend Certification is something I’ve been thinking of doing

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svn checkouts vs exports for live versions

I’ve read via and while I consider revision control an essential tool (a few years ago, my job was the only one in the previous five years where I didn’t have to install my own RCS), I somewhat

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