I laugh at your ZCE exam prep tests #2

Back at the PHP London Conference at the end of February, iBuildings was offering a little test, with prize for people that could do well answering the sort of questions that are on the ZCE exam. Never one to turn down something useful for free, I took ten minutes to answer the eight questions. A few weeks later, I get an email from them/Zend to say I’d won the chance to take an exam – ZCE, or ZFE (Zend Framework). Although I use ZF, I don’t know it well enough to begin to pass any exam, so as I’ve still not had the chance to take it, I figured, why not take it on their dime?

About 14 months ago, I’d bought 5 tries on the PHPArch-based ‘Vulcan’ test prep exam. Today, I’ve come back to it, and gone through it again. Like last time, the test (practice and real) is scheduled to take up to 90 minutes, but I had whipped through them all in 45 minutes, I have finished the 70 questions.

I’m amused by the fact the only part of this I failed was ‘Basic Language’. The first time around it was design patterns. Either way, now I’ve got some time, I’m going to schedule the test for quite possibly later this week and see about getting the paperwork for it.

It’s also still 7 ‘EXCELLENT’s, and a fail – just in different places 🙂

Category Grade
XML & Web Services PASS
Arrays PASS
Web Features EXCELLENT
Basic Language FAIL
Streams and Network Programming PASS
Database Access PASS
String Manipulation and Regular Expressions EXCELLENT
PHP 4/5 differences EXCELLENT


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