Back from the coalface

I’ve been pretty busy in the last couple of years, first at Binweevils and in 2011, PeerIndex – hence the utter lack of posts, but as the note on my personal CV site says, I’m taking some time off between looking for my next role. This does give the opportunity to write more of PHP Scaling and the tools around development that I’ve been using in the last couple of years, and that have been piquing my curiosity.

So, it is my plan to investigate other languages such as Python and Ruby, and tools like Puppet and Node.Js. Rest assured, I’ll keep up with the state-of-the art in PHP and such technologies as MongoDB though!

There’s also a number of planned posts right here, more for Beanstalkd (and talking about other queues), Deployment with Capistrano, graphing and logging (including how to mark a Capistrano deployment in a graph!) and a few other things, including rants.

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