Hello. I’m Alister Bulman (ode to the usefulness of a unique name). I live in West London, but I lived for most of my life in Bournemouth, on the south coast of the UK.

This will be the home for my technical discussions, suggestions, links to some very interesting posts I’ve seen elsewhere (hopefully good), and more than the odd rant, about other developers, technologies and anything else that’s vaguely related.

I’ve been programming since 1981, when I first came across a Commodore PET in my classroom, and since 1987, I’ve pretty much made my entire living from programming – and with a long-time interest in the Internet in general, though it was to be several years after I got interested in online communication that I started writing websites (mostly because the World Wide Web hadn’t been invented when I first started online).

I’ve taken a couple of Sabbaticals between jobs, most recently in December to January 2011-12, and previously a full seven months in 2009. I find it useful to rest, and learn some new skills.

Now, as of the end of January 2012, I am back on the market, and looking for contract roles in London.

Links to my other work, including Stackoverflow (and my extended CV there), Github, LinkedIn, and twitter are on the right, under the ‘Professional Links’ heading.

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