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Code Tombstones

In a large project – particularly one in a dynamic language like PHP, as a project gets bigger maintaining full control of the code can be difficult. New features are written, old ones are changed or deprecated. Sometimes code is

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Replacing @expectedException with $this->expectException()

One of the advantages of a side-project is that you can be a little extra passionate about getting things just right. If you want to increase code coverage because you think that it’s good, you can – after all, it’s

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Upgrading PHPunit – fixing PHPUnit_Util_DeprecatedFeature_Logger

Having just watched Sebastian Bergmann’s “The State of PHPUnit” presentation from Fosdem 2015, I was inspired to install and test a project of mine with the latest stable PHPUnit – v4.7. It was easily installed on the command line. composer

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It’s been one of those quiet spots around here for a while, so here’s the catch-up on what has been happening while I was not posting. I’ve recently finished a short contract working with an agency, Transform (part of the

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Deployment with Capistrano – the Gotchas

Capistrano, makes deployment of code easy. If you need to do a number of additional steps as well, then the fact that they can be scripted and run automatically is a huge win. If you’ve only got a single machine

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Doing the work elsewhere – Adding a job to the queue

I’ve previously shown you why you may want to put some tasks through a queuing system, what sort of jobs you could define, plus how to keep a worker process running for as long as you would like (but still

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Always have up to date documentation, part #2

see my previous post on the topic, #1. My last post ended up more as a how-to than what-to. This time, I’ll say why you should have local copies of the documentation for most of the tools you use. I’ll

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Always have up to date documentation, part #1

As I mentioned in my second post, ZCE prep – and dumb tests – about open book tests (like Brainbench), having a copy of all the relevant documentation can be incredibly useful, if only from a speed issue. Knowing you

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svn checkouts vs exports for live versions

I’ve read via and while I consider revision control an essential tool (a few years ago, my job was the only one in the previous five years where I didn’t have to install my own RCS), I somewhat

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