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Having just watched Sebastian Bergmann’s “The State of PHPUnit” presentation from Fosdem 2015, I was inspired to install and test a project of mine with the latest stable PHPUnit – v4.7. It was easily installed on the command line. composer …

Upgrading PHPunit – fixing PHPUnit_Util_DeprecatedFeature_Logger Read More »

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Capistrano, makes deployment of code easy. If you need to do a number of additional steps as well, then the fact that they can be scripted and run automatically is a huge win. If you’ve only got a single machine …

Deployment with Capistrano – the Gotchas Read More »

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I’ve read http://www.svn-checkout.co.uk/2008/01/19/how-to-release-new-versions-of-websites/ via http://www.lornajane.net/posts/2008/SVN-Deployment-and-a-New-Site and while I consider revision control an essential tool (a few years ago, my job was the only one in the previous five years where I didn’t have to install my own RCS), I somewhat …

svn checkouts vs exports for live versions Read More »

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